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Clovis Industrial Park

This City of Clovis industrial park is located at the corner of Kimberly Road and Curry Road K, which is south of Clovis and conveniently located adjacent to US 60, 70 and 84 east. The Park contains approximately 240 acres of prime industrial property and is currently sub-divided into 25 lots. The lot sizes range from 5 acres to 20-acre sites with the option of combining lots to serve a tenants needs. The property is located outside the City limits of Clovis, which provides an advantage to companies as they pursue state and federal incentive programs. The industrial park is governed by covenants to protect the investment of each tenant. The City of Clovis, State of New Mexico and the Economic Development Administration have invested over $4 million in infrastructure to serve the park. The park provides shovel ready industrial lots to new business and industry when they choose to locate in Clovis.


A Phase I Environmental Assessment has been completed with no adverse findings.

Infrastructure Development

The park is served by a one mile long and 60’ wide highway grade road fronting the park on Curry Road K, which was completed in 2006. The City of Clovis has also completed the construction of Enterprise Drive which is the interior park road serving each lot within the park. The interior road is 60’ wide with curb, gutter and storm drains and is constructed to handle large truck traffic. Additionally, the City of Clovis has completed the installation of the water, storm water and sewer lines within the park. Electrical, Gas and telephone/broadband service border the park and are available to each industrial site.

Rail Spur and Rail Access

The City of Clovis is proud to offer rail service access at the park. The installation of the main rail spur with two mainline switches that will provide rail access to most lots within the park has been completed. The Industrial park is conveniently located 1.5 miles from the Burlington, Northern, Santa Fe Railroad’s (BNSF) Clovis’ main rail yard which interconnects to the main east-west lines which begins in Los Angeles and interconnects to all points east. The park is located on the Carlsbad line, which is an advantage to all tenants of the park due to low rail traffic in comparison to the mainline traffic, which can range from 60 to 125 trains per day depending on the time of year. The Clovis Industrial Park is a certified site through BNSF. Click Here for More Info

Xcel Energy

Up to 120MW can be served via a 115kV substation, without upgrades upon construction of substation tap at or near the east border of the site.

Fast Track Site and Building Permitting

The City of Clovis is proud to provide a one-stop easy access construction and building permitting and inspection process for the Clovis Industrial Park. The City of Clovis has adopted the international building code family and has a full inspections staff available to ensure fast and friendly service throughout the construction process. The dedicated Building Safety staff and forward thinking City Commission have worked together to develop a streamlined process to ensure business success.