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About Clovis, New Mexico: A TruGig Community

Cities and businesses of every size have taken a major hit this year, but as many companies and individuals look toward long-term remote work options, Eastern New Mexico is one step ahead. With an economic environment backed by a powerful fiber network, the area offers reliable, high-speed internet and a comfortable way of life for anyone seeking a change of pace, or a home for their next business venture. Clovis Economic Development (CIDC) and the Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce have partnered with Plateau Telecommunications, Inc. (headquartered in Clovis, NM) to promote Eastern New Mexico as a viable, safe option for anyone seeking a change of pace or home for their next business venture.

Life in Clovis Resources

Clovis Economic Development (CIDC) and the Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce – in partnership with Plateau Telecommunications, Inc. – today revealed two new resources in support of the TruGig City initiative to promote life in Eastern New Mexico.

First, a new promotional video encourages businesses and individuals to consider life in Clovis. Narrated by Clovis Mayor Mike Morris, the video offers a glimpse into how this growing city in Eastern New Mexico can provide quality of life and a desirable community, along with the technology and fiber internet capabilities businesses deserve.

Additionally, a new Facebook page (@LifeInClovis) will inform local employers and individuals of exciting news and opportunities about Clovis, especially as it relates to remote industry and employment. By sharing a stream of helpful content including infographics, videos, and a schedule of upcoming webinars and events, the Chamber and CIDC will use the page to generate buzz about Clovis and offer support to businesses and individuals entertaining the idea of remote work. The Life in Clovis, NM Facebook page will also provide a calendar for coworking and networking events, including the upcoming Virtual Coworking Session on Friday, April 16 and a Virtual Coffee Chat on Tuesday, April 27.

By promoting Eastern New Mexico’s special combination of rural lifestyle and solid fiber infrastructure, the team hopes to boost the area’s reputation and ultimately spark community and economic development. Also in the TruGig City initiative pipeline are a new Life in Clovis website ( that will go live in the near future, as well as a solo-worker job creation program that teams from Clovis and Portales are pursuing for the area.